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Hi Ya’ll ! I’m Ayesha, the author and owner of “Me Mom & Life”: Space that encompasses love, family, food, travel showcasing simple ways to make life exciting and worth living. This online home of mine is part of me and my family and you will find my experiences and learnings. I’m married to an exceptional man Abdullah and together we have an adorable little boy Hamza. I’m starting this journey while being knee deep into motherhood. The idea of creating this space also struck me at 3am while feeding my son and realising the journey i have had and Allah has bestowed upon us His uncountable blessings but we take them for granted. Every day of life is a new learning only if we intend it to be one. So, this feeling made me capsule it in a form of a platform where I can share and make the world out there a better place bit by bit.

Motherhood, albeit the best thing in the world, it can also feel very daunting and at times make you feel so lonely. I hope by sharing I can somehow reach out to others and help them feel less alone. We can laugh together, cry together and I will tell you stories about the time my son peed all over his face and enjoy licking it or my husband trying his luck on creating artisanal cheesecake. All in all here you will find simple recipes to whip up for a less daunting life. I'll share how significant it is to maintain self love and also how we pass time in a foreign land managing all chores by ourselves yet living it to full.


Often I’ll remember something and it will make me cry. I’ll write it all out hoping to try and make sense of life and the hardships it tosses at you. Bottom line, if you are here reading this I consider you a friend. Welcome! Outside of Me Mom & Life: in my spare time, I enjoy a good walk or cycling with my boys, I try new sweet dishes and binge watch seasons on Netflix. I was never a sweets' person but this little boy gave me a grand sweet tooth and now I wonder how will I loose all these extra kilos. My parents and siblings are my strength, being away from home I miss them specially when I see my son growing up and keeping up with the milestones and wonder how much they would have cherished him provided being around.

Lastly, I always go to bed every night feeling grateful to God for everything he has blessed me with. I’ve been hit hard by life once but choose everyday to focus all my energy on the good… and hence came the best! I hope my family and this online space can provide a smile for you, help you learn something new or offer a fun idea to explore.

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