2020 is going to be…..*A YEAR*

Approaching the closure of year 2020, I can’t help thinking about the same time last year ~ the joy of first time mom-to-be in 2020, the excitement of travelling around the world, exploring different cultures, meeting new people, the preparation of making memories as a family of 3 and the list goes on and on. But what all has transpired in this one year I still wonder – for one thing, it is a very different world today!

Everything changed

Shortly after I gave birth to Hamza, at the onset of the COVID pandemic which turned our lives upside down; changing not only how we live and work, but also how we behave and think. It felt like a PAUSE – an indefinite standstill.

I couldn’t help but stop and think that what I once took for granted – the simple act of catching a bus to the shopping mall, having tea & scones, flying down & meet loved ones - just being able to travel, meet the locals, cherish the delicacies... every aspect of our lives has been affected for the better part of the year.

What did happen

The Joy of New Life: Like many this year, I was filled with waves of pure love and joy when I held my son in this year who is now 10 months old *MASHALLAH* and although much of the family hasn’t meet him yet he became a reason for comfort & love for all.

Wretched Goodbyes: Almost without exception, each one of us lost our loved one or knew someone who died fighting for his/her breath: a neighbour, a friend, a relative, a mentor. Among so many I saw my father losing his close confidante & mentor ~ A very humble man gone very soon.

More Family time: As Abdullah started working from home, it presented us with a lot more opportunity to help see our son grow together day after day: by sharing responsibilities to laughing & playing together. It also provided us with the opportunity of stepping out in parks & introduce Hamza to the world of green very early on. Also as most days we would be indoors it presented us with the opportunity of exploring our hidden talents and that’s when Abdullah started with his baking shenanigans.

Social Media took centre stage: Yes we saw the TiKTok fever taking the world by storm, we saw so.many.MEME.moments and more importantly how faster the business adapted to the new ways of working and going digital with services.

What didn’t happen

While 2020 will go down in history for a virus that knew no geographic boundaries, it also could be remembered as the year of what didn't happen.

No Public gathering: Other than young ones not going to school, it also meant no new-mom meet ups or no infant health centre development classes

No Air travel: It meant remote working for Abdullah - down went the charm of the job (travelling around the world) – Hence he displayed the old joke about wearing pajamas on the job almost every day.What also transpired due to no-travel is the grand-family (with few exception) is still not able to meet Hamza

No eat outs or shopping spree: For what seemed like eons, we didn’t sit down for a nice meal inside a restaurant or be able to go around a shopping mall & buy cute little stuff for Hamza. Everything went to online shopping

And lastly, We didn't find it easy to keep track of which day of the week it was. Weekends, once TGIF precious, began to lose its meaning

Looking forward to 2021 – and beyond

Year 2020 will go down in history as *one of a kind year* to befall the planet. It has been a stress-filled and complicated year. A tragedy for too many yet a year of learning, reflections & fast paced adaptation to change. To me it reminded/enabled me with

  • The necessity of appreciating smaller things in life - those we always take for-granted.

  • With so many people leaving us each day, to be grateful to Allah Almighty for blessing me with a new life, our little boy Hamza. The one who brought so much love & joy to us in this difficult year.

  • By being away & endure the pain of not been able to meet my family/friends in-person, to develop appreciation for how technology has evolved in past few years and due which i was able to do video calls & text messages as frequently as i wanted

  • With so many people falling ill, to be grateful for mine & my family’s health.

  • With so many people losing jobs and becoming homeless, to be grateful for the food in my fridge and a place to call home.

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