Has your life changed after marriage??

A must asked question to every newlywed couple!

Answer is an obvious “Yes” and well why it must not? You have just turned a new page in your life’s book and like every previous one; may it be moving out, education, job, traveling etc., each and every aspect of your life got altered to a certain level and so it would now. Marriage will bring the right balance of change in life especially as you start living with your spouse; change is inevitable.

As some changes bring joy, others may test your patience and how you embrace both defines the course of your relationship!

A lot had been debated, and still is being, on the topic; how important is to be responsible, with responsibility comes compromises, directly/indirectly link to emotional stability which perhaps may throw one into an identity crisis zone. In short DISASTER; but in-order to make life worth living couples need to work things out together.

Here sharing some challenges/changes that I felt were daunting and needed an extra effort from me, they may not be as intimidating for everyone, still be a good debate figuring out other possibilities:

Sharing of Space

The most difficult transition! As I’ve been living independently for almost a decade and sharing a room/space has become a foreign concept. However silly may it sound but sharing a space can be very daunting - cherry on top is if you have to share your washroom (off course!) and maintaining the sanctuary of your towel. IYKYK.

You look at each other DIFFERENTLY

The day of marriage is when you transition from being your dad’s princess to be the queen of your own kingdom. Your husband is your next to kin, your emergency contact personal. He is FAMILY! Though scary but also comforting on so many levels.

Changes how MONEY is spent

Someone who has been financially independent and strong for years; loves to collect statement shoes and bags, all of a sudden start visiting home-section of a store. People who know me well would never believe, post marriage while I was visiting USA, my first shopping spree was to a kitchenware store.

Well married life happened to ME!


Getting married means the end of any likelihood of privacy - you'll find that all of your deepest, darkest secrets will now be common knowledge to your partner. That may sound scary, but it can actually be freeing.

TIME flies

The time it took us to get from being friends to Husband and Wife do feel like a hundred lifetimes each with multiple outcomes! Lol...

However as married couple, time moves much more quickly. Been almost 2 years now (Ma’sha’Allah) and seems like a Blink.


We have always been advised by our elders: “compromise is the key to a lasting relationship”; but I believe one should never compromise on self-respect or personal well-being. Yet at the same time, be able to learn the art of listening and how to agree on contentious issues.

The ME Time

Initial days of marriage are filled with sheer joy, you are discovering something new about your partner every day. It’s like literally you share every aspect of your life together. However, eventually a time comes when you start cherishing a bit of alone time. No guilts, its NATURAL!

Same happened with us, we both comfortably acknowledged the fact that every once in a while, we do need time away from each other. May it be by simply hanging out in different rooms of our home. This only helps in maintaining a balance in our relationship.


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