Tips to get through the day for a #NEWMOM

Becoming a mom is altogether a novel experience for each one of us and I believe it shall remain new for whichever subsequent time, no matter how many kids you have the experience is always new and takes some arranging and re-arranging of your daily life.

Being in UK and away from immediate family led me to reflect differently on what motherhood is and how to bring sanity to it. What genuinely helped me was to start working out a routine early on and by early I mean right from the second week. To workout a pattern i downloaded a scheduling app @BabyTracker which helped me in arranging my day as per Hamza's clock.

I’m sharing few things, that I worked out for myself and/or helped me a great deal, hoping at least one may be helpful to you!

Start your day EARLY

Waking up early, 6 AM isn’t easy and I still have some hard days; especially after multiple awakenings for feeding. It’s a task and a half to move myself, yet I feel a day is lot more productive with early start. Baby is always in a good mood, after a good night’s sleep and I can enjoy my breakfast while providing for him. With breakfast out of the way; little one enjoys a hot bath, change into fresh clothes and is ready to take the day head-on!

NAP TIME schedule for kids

Working out a set nap pattern for an infant brings in a healthy routine and continuity by daily practice. During the early days, nap times help you to rest and rejuvenate yourself while later on it’s your breather time - catch up on your season along with a hot cup of tea/coffee or sort out the daily house chores (cooking/cleaning/washing etc.)

ONE household chore a day

Living abroad has its own limitations; there is no house help, even a menial task is to be managed in person. With a newborn baby this becomes overwhelming stressful both emotionally & physically, eventually leading to unwanted meltdowns.

My mantra to retain sanity and be able to spend quality time with Hamza, is a chore per day. Days I clean, I may not cook, that is I divide my week-days between cooking and cleaning and cover for the other day. Don’t spread yourself thin. Do what you can and it’s okay if you don’t get everything done. One thing at a time MAMA!

Quality TIME with Little One!

The key to build a lasting bond with your kid is to spend quality time; with set nap and meal times it’s easier to put together some creative and productive activity in between. It’s been really important for me as a mother to put in that extra effort; as this is where all learning begins, definitely in a fun way, and the lessons learned stay with kids forever. Activities may be both indoor (play time with toys, read a book, sing nursery rhymes, etc.) and outdoor (walk & talk, park, pool, community baby play class, etc.) as both have significant learning curves.

A set BEDTIME routine

Having a structured bedtime routine is the most significant task of the day as it also determines the early start to the morning. Setting this routine from early on, helps bring in an orderliness to the baby and ease in putting him / her down to sleep. The bedtime routine is very personalised for each mom, few trials and error bring about the most liked one for yourself and your baby!

Finally - Happy ME time to all new moms out there! You have couple of hours to yourself; fend yourself nicely as each one of us needs time to recharge for the next day. It helps in being a better and happy mom.

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