Yay! its been a year already...

Dear Hamza,

Happy birthday my little boy!

I can’t believe it is a year already since you came into our lives bringing so much joy and happiness. You are the happiest baby I’ve ever seen and how you have filled our lives with so much love and smiles since you came. Turning ONE year old you would be leaving behind your baby days and approaching toddlerhood with so much zeal & smartness; it is a bittersweet feeling as I shall always miss your baby days.

Having you not only changed me as a person but also taught me being “Mum” – It made me understand my love for you has made me not only learn but understand motherhood and cherish every moment of it. Some of my favourite days were early on, those quiet moments at 2am when it was just the two of us feeding and cuddling like we were the only two people in the world.

The day we had you was by far the best day of my life… The days leading up to it were normal but the real scary part started the morning I had you when you decided to shift position right when you were not meant to (and dare I say you still scare the hell out of me when I don’t find you in the position in cot where I left you last). I was not terrified of operation; I was only wanting it to happen the soonest as I could see your heart beat dropping due to the cord around your neck. The six minutes of knowing and shifting to operation theater & operating me to bring you to this world were my longest but the moment Nano brought you next to me and you looked right into my eyes with those big bold eyes of yours my world changed. I couldn’t believe you were mine, born at 6:43am, weighing 3.2kg, you were tiny little thing but so so strong and healthy!

After staying 24 hours in the hospital it was time to take you home! Our first home! Home where you would live, sleep and where you would be growing up. We made so many plans together but Allah has his own way and we went right into a national lockdown due to the global pandemic. The Corona Virus; and you will be forever a ‘Corona baby’. I was sad that we couldn’t go to our baby groups, see our friends or actually do any fun activities at all. Even your birthday party won’t be what I envisioned.

But fortunately you won’t know the trouble that faced the world in 2020, you were just happy to have your daddy home, daily walks next to River Thames. It was so fascinating seeing you cherishing the green and cooing to the birds/ducks. As the days were passing by it was incredible watching you progress through your milestones. We were over the moon when you began to hold your head up, we loved it when you could sit unassisted at seven months, you started crawling at eight months and now you are standing and walking with assistance. You are never hesitant and always jumping to your next milestone and before we know it you have perfected it and when you do, you’re so proud of yourself and make sure everyone can see & acknowledge! My most favourite of all is your hysterical laugh… you love to laugh, it’s your favourite thing! Everyone that meets you describes you as happy baby, even if something upset you, you’re soon smiling again! You started eating real food at five months and we did a combination of baby led weaning and traditional weaning which helped you be a total foodie who would happily eat anything, as long as you are feeding yourself! You have quite the independent streak!

Getting your first tooth at 9 months was another exciting moment and now you’ve got a few more coming through! Although the year was all about lockdown, we got couple of months in summer to travel and we absolutely loved travelling with you as you would equally enjoy the ride & green. We were fortunate enough to visit whole of UK and some of Scotland. These trips meant so many wonderful firsts for you such as staying in an Airbnb, hiking, seeing the sea & beach, watching snow and more. Doing things with you just makes everything better and more special. It was the best Eid we ever had, my favourite birthday ever and dad’s best birthday. Having you in our lives enhances every moment!

I can’t wait to see what this year brings and watch you grow even further. I know you will be kind, honest, intelligent, brave and a clever boy. I will always love you with all my heart and pray that you lead your life with a purpose as pure as yourself.

Happy birthday to my little boy

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